Private Coaching Program Overview

Done-For-You 1 Day In-Person Coaching Intensive

You get 1 day of coaching directly with Greg in person. Fly into beautiful Washington DC, and we’ll spend a day together putting together an entire marketing campaign for you. We will also walk you through every step of the process and make sure you have a solid understanding of what we do, and how we do it.

By the end of that day you will leave with a working campaign. Our team of designers and programmers will professionally build and code you a custom site and landing pages.

We will write all the ads for you, do the keyword research, do demographics research, build out the keyword lists and ad groups. We will also write the follow-up marketing messages for the email marketing campaigns that we create for you. If you choose to do media buys we will design your banners.

We can create this campaign for your current business if you’re not interested in promoting affiliate offers.

6 Months of Private, Personalized Coaching

We will work closely with you to teach what it takes to take your internet income to the next level. I will teach you in detail the true secrets to create huge paydays with your paid traffic campaigns.

Below are some of the things you’ll learn, but keep in mind that your coaching program will be personalized to you and exactly what you want to accomplish.

  • The true secrets to building a $50K/day campaign
  • The REAL way to do large scale display media buys
  • How to write PPC ads that get conversions regardless of the traffic source or keywords
  • The real way to make money on Google that no one is talking about.
  • How to quickly ramp campaigns from 3 figures to 5 figures per day
  • How to get 50%+ CTR on Facebook Ads.
  • The secret to finding keywords with huge amounts of traffic that convert like crazy
  • How to triple the traffic of any profitable campaign instantly. No one is teaching this method!
  • How to find, take over and dominate the most profitable niches
  • How to get dirt cheap traffic on the PPC search (not content) networks
  • Secrets to testing and tracking like a pro
  • Bidding strategies – how to get the best possible ad placements for the cheapest possible cost per click
  • How to find images that skyrocket your Facebook Ads CTR.
  • How to create videos that get shared on Facebook for FREE traffic
  • Secrets to making your Google and Facebook accounts last for months and years (instead of days and weeks)
  • Scaling Strategies
  • The Secrets to Ramping Campaigns Fast
  • Media Buys – Direct Display Buys
  • Media Buys – Display Networks
  • How to cash in with “ghetto” banners
  • How to get unlimited Google and Facebook accounts
  • Secrets to crushing it on Facebook and Google.
  • ...and much more

Just added:

  • How to make high ticket sales from cold traffic. Whether you have a high-ticket program of your own or not, you can earn huge commissions with my never taught before secrets.
  • Election year extravaganza - how to profit bigly from the American presential election.

We will literally spill our guts and teach you everything we know about making millions online. By the end of the 6-month coaching program you will see the “bigger picture” and have the confidence to go out and create your own million dollar campaigns!

In addition, you will have access to me via email as well as instant messenger when I’m online, and you will get weekly coaching calls.

I believe the best way to learn this business is hands on with real campaigns, real money.

My coaching philosophy is I do you watch, you do I watch, you do.

We will be building a campaign designed to do at least $5k/day profit.

I can’t promise how successful our campaign will be, but some of my clients have walked away with 6 and 7 figure paydays from the campaign we worked on during the coaching.


$3 Million His First Year

Testimonial from one of Greg's Clients

$1.1 Million in 60 Days

Testimonial from one of Greg's Clients

Greg Davis Has Absolutely Changed My Life

Testimonial from one of Greg's Clients

$700K In One Month

Testimonial from one of Greg's Clients

Coach Gianni

Testimonial from one of Greg's Clients

Private Coaching Fee


$70k one time payment


$35k up front and 2 payments of $25k


Money Back Guarantee - If you don't recover your original investment in 12 months I will refund your coaching fee minus any profits you earn.


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Any questions? Email info@superaffiliaterockstar.com